Find the best location for your activity and develop your business securely.

What are the high potential zones for my project ?

  • High potential areas identification
  • Best spots ranking
  • Network optimization (opening, closing, relocation, remodeling)

Believe in the future.

Approach your business development serenely. Find the best locations, the best geographic areas for your business, with the best growth potential. Our territorial expansion plan, which is an in-depth supply and demand geographic analysis at a given time, allows you to optimize your strategical decisions and your long term vision, whether you are a brand with an existing network or not, a city, a region, …

Quel dimensionnement optimal et quelles enseignes développer ?

  • Confidence in developing the right brand at the right place
  • Knowledge of the market and consumers demands
  • Consumption basin analysis and comprehensive socio-demographic analysis

Because knowing which brand to develop for your commercial project is essential.

For you. For the territory. For the brand. Because it is important to know the market and consumers demands. Our market studies guarantee you an independent, neutral and objective analysis of the consumption basin, so you can develop the right brands of the right size at the right place.

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